Lift Off

This collection of scattered thoughts and observations has little order or continuity; it was begun to give pleasure to a good mother who thinks for herself. My first idea was to write a post a few lines long, but I was carried away by my subject, and before I knew what I was doing my post had become a kind of blog, too big for the stuff contained in it, but too small for its subject. For a long time I hesitated whether to publish it or not, and I have often felt, when working on it, that it is one thing to write a few anecdotes and another to publish a blog. After vain attempts to improve it, I have decided that it is my duty to publish it as it stands. I consider that public attention requires to be directed to this subject, and even if my own ideas are mistaken, my time will not have been wasted if I stir up others to form right ideas. A solitary who casts his writings before the public without any one to advertise them, without any party ready to defend them, one who does not even know what is thought and said about those writings, is at least free from one anxiety—if he is mistaken, no one will take his errors for gospel.